Hike FAQs

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Vancouver Island Guided Tours FAQs

What is included in each Hike?

We provide transportation to and from your accommodations in a large and comfortable SUV fully loaded that seats up to 7 guests, an awesome lunch, coffee/juice and water.

How long does a day hike last?

Our full day tours begin at 7 am and end by 4pm. This leave plenty of time to enjoy the Vancouver Island Scenery and take photos.

How much is a Tour?

Prices range from 150/pp to 200/pp for a hike day.  If you would like to include sunrise/sunset or waterfall photos, or are an amateur photographer and would like some instruction, prices increase to reflect that.

Do you offer shorter Hiking Trips?

YES! We do offer custom hiking trips that are half day trips.  Let us know what your schedule is like and we will try our best to make it work!

Why is Big Trees only offered on the Weekend?

To access some of the big trees, we must drive down active industrial logging roads.  The roads are narrow and winding and the trucks are big and moving fast down the gravel roads.  For your safety, we will only go on the roads on the weekends, when the companies are not actively working.

How far in advance should I book my Hike?

We ask for at least 12 hours notice so we can get everything ready and provide you with the best hike experience possible.

How do I Pay you and when is the money due?

Payment can be made via pay-pal, etransfer or cash. Payment is due when you decide to book.

Group Discounts

If you book 4 or more for the same hike tour, we offer a 10% discount.  Bring your friends…super fun!

Minimum number of Hikers

We do require 2 people minimum. There may be space on another tour, please contact us.

Vancouver Island Hikes Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made within 48 hours prior to your hike will be charged full price. We might cancel tours due to bad weather, lack of bookings, or events beyond our control.

Alternate dates will be offered and if we can’t get you out there, we will give you a full refund.

What sort of Clothing Should I Wear?

West Coast weather on Vancouver Island and in Victoria, can vary from cold and rainy, to warm and inviting.  We suggest layered clothing, with a base layer for warmth and a rain-resistant or waterproof shell.  Footwear with grip is a must, we will be hiking over gnarly roots, mud, and climbing large boulders.