Vancouver Island Hikes Kissinger Lake

Kissinger Lake Vancouver Island

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Camping at Kissinger Lake

Kissinger Lake campground is a hosted forestry site camping experience.

Which means that it is managed by an on site host, while the land is owned by the forestry company TimberWest.  There are 26 sites, and some of them are along the gorgeous lake front.  We always book the second one down from the dock on the left.  You are covered in trees for privacy, yet can still see the lake.

Quick FactsKissinger Lake
Pit Toilets No Showers
Water Pets Allowed
Garbage Bins Fire Pits
No Electricity Fishing Allowed
Reservations Open May Long

Kissinger Lake Fishing

Vancouver Island Hikes Kissinger Lake

There is a small boat launch at Kissinger. You are only allowed to use electric motors. The size of the lake is small and really can’t make use of a gas powered motor.

Bonus: fishing is allowed in Kissinger Lake. The lake is stocked with rainbow trout and we would cast for fish right off the dock.

Or bring your tube and float while you fish at this amazingly clean and warm lake.

Kissinger Lake Hiking

When we went to Kissinger, we went hiking up Heather Mountain.

We also went exploring down the backroads in our truck and saw some amazing scenery including a heard of elk!

We also went a bit further down the logging roads to Central Walbran and viewed some of the worlds biggest trees.  They were amazing!

Vancouver Island Local Tip

Get all your supplies in a larger city so they are not only cheaper, but you have a better selection of supplies.  Or stop in Lake Cowichan on the way

Swimming in Kissinger Lake

The water is so clean and warm, we floated in the lake for hours on end.  Watch out for that 3pm wind that picks up, it’ll take you for a ride in your tube.

The worst thing is having to paddle yourself against the wind all over hells half acre to get back to shore.

Camping Reservations & How to Pay

The Kissinger lake campsite opens from May long weekend until Thanksgiving weekend (Oct).

Like many campgrounds on Vancouver Island, I recommend a reservation, but it will cost you a bit more than not reserving.

It’s worth it to pay for reservations; you can’t find a campground on the Southern half of Vancouver Island to save your life May through Sept.

Don’t be disappointed and take my advice!

You can call for Reservations 250-714-9525, or book online,  they accept most major credit cards and paypal.

Vancouver Island Local Tip

Fire bans come into effect every year because we don’t get enough rain.  If you want a campfire, best months to camp are May, June, Sept & Oct.

How to Get There

You will be driving down some very bumpy gravel roads to get to Kissinger Lake.

While you don’t need a 4×4 a vehicle with normal clearance i.e no lowriders and you’ll make it there just fine.

Never driven a logging/forestry service road?

kissinger lake campground how to get there

Gravel Road that take you to Kissinger Lake Campground

Then you’ll want to make sure to take it easy and stick to your side of the road.

Logging trucks are driving top speed down these roads, fully loaded with logs.  They are HUGE and take up about 75% of the road.

They have the right of way, so get out of the way!

Drive past Gordon Bay and Cayacuse Campgrounds. Once you reach Heather Campsite, you’re almost there.

Keep driving for about another 2kms.  At 40km, you’ll arrive at the Kissinger Lake campsite on the left.