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beaches & waterfalls day hike

On this Vancouver Island Day Hike, you will explore two of the beaches on the West Coast of Vancouver Island along the 45 km Juan de Fuca Trail – you will see first hand why they call this area the “Wild” West Coast.

You will have plenty of opportunities to hike and photograph the stunning coastline of Vancouver Island.

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what you’ll be doing

Our first stop along this guided hike will allow you to experience the natural beauty of a pacific northwest hike .

We will hike in the rainforest amongst tall cedars, fir and spruce trees. We will be hiking over gnarly tree root formations and go over a cool suspension bridge.

Your hike will end at a beach where you can check out sea cliffs, a sea cave and enjoy the beauty of this area. (4kms or 2.5 miles round trip)

Our 2nd stop is just up the road at a beach that is a local favorite. You will walk along the beach and get to see cool tide pools and sea life, a rocky shoreline and a hidden waterfall.

We will eat lunch at the beach and hopefully see some seals, eagles and otters.

After lunch, we will be scrambling over large boulders while dodging the incoming tide to get to an amazing viewpoint of an untouched cove. (4kms or 2.5 miles round trip)

Instance 1

Beaches and waterfalls

Guided hike in the Juan de Fuca Marine Park


  • Includes lunch at a cafe featured in the New York Times
  • Coffee and Juice Included with Lunch
  • Max 6 hikers
  • Transportation Included

where we will be

Your tour will begin with a visit to one of the most picturesque areas on Vancouver Island, the Juan de Fuca Marine Park.

You will visit pristine beaches, hike in the mossy forest, and see a hidden waterfall (or two or three) within the Juan de Fuca Park on Vancouver Islands West Coast.

How long is your Guided Hike

  • Pick up at 7 am
  • 8.5 hours round trip
  • 8 kms (or 5 miles) of inland and beach hiking
  • We do recommend a base level of fitness to be able to complete the hikes