Local Waterfall Photography Tour

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Surrounded by walls of green moss, the rushing water and revitalizing fresh air, these local waterfalls bring us a feeling of going back in time.

When is the Best Time to See Waterfalls?

March, April, and mid Sept to late Oct.  These are the months when there has been enough rain so that the waterfalls are running strong and can be captured in all their glory. Outside of these months, and the water levels might be too low or too high: you could be disappointed.

Who is this Tour Best For?

Amateur photographers.  For my trips, amateur means someone that needs assistance with using manual mode, setting up/planning scenes, framing shots, the exposure triangle.  

I aim to provide an environment free of judgement, where folks that are new to photography are comfortable asking anything. 

​​How Hard is the Hiking?

Easy to Moderate.   Moderate because one of the walks has an elevation gain and the second spot is 4 kms return walk on a rocky beach.  

How long is the Trip?

Full day, 7 – 8 hours maybe more, depending on the group.  

When can I see these Waterfalls?

Monday through Saturday.  We will meet at 7 am at our first stop.  Best time of year is March, April, Late Sept to Mid Oct.  We have to make sure there has been enough rain to really get those falls running well!

How Much?

$250 PP/CAD.  Groups of 4 or more booking together, receive 10% off.  Bring Your Friends! 


We depart from Victoria, drive for approx. 40kms and meet at our first destination at 7 am.  

We will visit 2 waterfalls in this area, one is easily accessible and the second waterfall is a short hike with some elevation gain. 

Then, we head north, to Juan de Fuca Marine Park. ​We will walk approximately 4 kms (2.5 miles) round trip to view two hidden waterfalls that are local favorites. 

 We then head back to Victoria, or you can stay later and enjoy a sunset shoot.

Waterfalls – Short Tour

Closer to Victoria, there are a number of smaller waterfalls, as you can see in the gallery above.  Most of these I found by spending some time exploring local parks for hidden waterfalls.  If you’d prefer to stay closer to town and practice your waterfall imagery on these hidden gems, we can do that!

How Much?

$150 PP/CAD.  Groups of 4 or more booking together, receive 10% off.  Bring Your Friends! 


We will meet at our first of two locations early, 8am.  

We will visit 2 waterfalls in this first park, one is accessible by bushwacking and wading in the small river and the second waterfall is a hike up a designated trail with some decent elevation gain.

waterfall photography tours vancouver island
One of the Local Small Waterfalls We Will Visit on the Short Waterfall Tour

Then, we head to our second destination, that has a minimum of 3 small waterfalls for you to capture along a high flowing local creek.  You will need knee high gum boots to wade through parts of the river bed to access some of the falls.  A hiking pole is a great idea, or grab a large stick on our short hike to the river.  You will get muddy.  FUN TIMES!